Week 3…check

Three weeks have gone by. Do you know what that means?  January is almost over.  I’m looking forward to February as it’s Chinese New Year AND my in-laws are coming into town.  (Seriously, I really do love them!)  More importantly, how are those 2013 goals coming along?

3My week 3 check in:

Goals as a runner:
1) Run at least 14 miles a week (2 miles a day) for the year.

My total mileage for the week was 21 miles! My half marathon training has been great and I’ve really taken advantage of my evening runs without the stroller.  I was solo this week as my running partner was out of town.  It left me with a day that was hard to get out….not having to meet someone on an unmotivated day, makes it super tough!  These next few days will be difficult as well since it’s super cold (feels like the single digits), but I must get out there!  The colder it is, the faster I run.  🙂

1) Have a business plan in place by June.
I had my first sewing lesson on Friday.  It was so much fun!  Erin was a great trooper too.  She did want me to play with her since she was the only kid that showed up, but with one machine and three women taking lessons, the breaks helped keep us both happy.  I am IMAG0541making a table runner as my first assignment.  My instructor wanted me to start thinking about my next project. This has me spending A LOT of time on Pinterest!

Mommy & Housewife:
1) Organize one thing in the house each week for a year.
I cleaned out Erin’s art box.  A lot of the papers were filled with scribbles.  I decided that at the end of each month, I will clean this box out and keep ONE of her pieces of art for the memory book.  I just don’t have the space to keep all the papers that have scribbles of what she calls a house. Here is a picture of her coloring:


2) Clean at least one thing in our home each day.
I must admit, I’ve been pretty good about this this past week!  The bathrooms have been good, kitchen…check…dust free living…check.  That dresser is looking to be a sight for sore eyes though.  It has just naturally become the dumping grounds since we cleaned off the desk.

3) Finish cross stitching all of our darn stockings!
This has been going well…I’m working as diligently as possible and now that I’m taking sewing lessons, I really don’t need a March deadline anymore.  I’ll be able to sew the stockings myself in due time.

How are you doing after the first week of your new goals you’ve set for yourself?  Feel free to share in the comments section below.  Only 49 more weeks to go!

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