Beauty Giveaway

A friend of mine contacted me asking me to design a cosmetic bag for her. You all know how much I LOVE doing custom orders, so I was ecstatic to do this for her. She told me what her vision was: pink chevron, gold heart, “surprise on the inside”. Here is what fabrics we agreed on:

pink chevron for the outside

pink chevron for the outside

mulitcolored polka dots with glitter for the inside

mulitcolored polka dots with glitter for the inside

gold textured fabric for the heart

gold textured fabric for the heart

We agreed on dimensions and I was off to do my thing.  I was nervous about the gold fabric melting or not laying right during the applique process, but the texture and look came out perfectly!  Here is the finished product:

Fabulous, huh!?!  Psst…’s on sale in my Etsy shop!

About a week after she received her makeup pouch, Jessica contacted me again asking to remake this product with a little changes to be included in her FABULOUS Back to School Giveaway.  Jessica Lee is the blog writer of Bubbles & Beauty.  She regularly posts ideas, products, and tips on beauty, glitz and glam.  She is a special Ed teacher by day and a make up geek by night.  She also has a YouTube channel with many helpful, informative videos.  And to all my Asian readers, most of the products she promotes are Asian products!

I was thrilled and honored to be asked to have a product of mine as a part of Jessica’s giveaway! She asked for a few changes to the cosmetic bag, but the dimensions and idea were the same.  Here is what the finished product looks like:

pink and white polka dots

pink and white polka dots

Psst! This one is also available for purchase in my Etsy Shop!

So take some time to check out Jessica’s blog, watch her videos and enter to win her awesome giveaway!

Visit Bubbles & Beauty (Jessica’s blog)

Visit Jessica’s YouTube Channel (JessicaLee422)

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*Any items you see in my Etsy shop, you can request a custom order to change dimensions, fabric, style, personalizations, etc.  I LOVE doing custom orders so please, don’t hesitate to ask.  If you don’t see what you’re looking for, but have something in mind you’d like me to create for you, let me know, I also love the challenge of making something entirely new as well!



Team Yard Sale!

Come Enjoy the excitement and shop around at my Etsy Team’s Yard Sale! A list of sale items are found in my sale section of my shop!

Header2 Shops with sale sections – click the links and you’re taken right there.

Items marked sale throughout the shop, enjoy browsing!

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Helping Each Other Out

One thing I like about Etsy, is that there is sometimes a feeling of comradery amongst each other. You can join a team that has a common focus to ask questions, promote each others items, get critiques on your shop, etc.  I recently joined a team that focuses on featuring each others items in treasuries (batches of items that have a theme, these are commonly picked to make up the front page of Etsy).  A fellow team member approached me asking to include me in her upcoming blog post off of Etsy.  She was working on a piece about why purchasing handmade goods is better than a mass produced product.

Laura makes handcrafted cards and gifts.  Her shop is titled Pink Flamingo Crafting.  Take a look, it is AMAZING!  She is truly a talented artist! Here is one of my favorite pieces!


Thank you cards $12.71 USD Etsy

I’m running out of Thank You cards, so these might be in my “Etsy Shopping Cart” soon!

I, along with a few other teammates were featured on her blog today!  Here is a link to her most recent post.  There are a few other sellers quoted as well.  All of us are from the same team and every one of them is SO TALENTED!  It truly is an honor to be part of their circle! Thank you so much, Laura, for the shout out!