We Need A Little Help Over Here!

                                      Christmas Tree

Last year, around this time, my father-in-law said that this year, we needed to get a Christmas Tree for Rachel.  His reasoning was since we would have a baby around, we needed a tree for the baby.  This puzzled Ping a bit because he never had a tree growing up.  I think they were encouraging us to start our own traditions since we would have our own family.  I, obviously, would love a tree as I grew up with one.  But, Rachel is not here.  It would be a nice thing to do for her in her memory, but there are a few practicalities we need to work out.  I thought maybe you could help us. 

1) where would we put the tree? (Obviously only those that have been to our place would know this)

2) should we get a fake or live tree? (remember, fake means storage space….which we pretty much don’t have)

3) How should we decorate it? We have no ornaments or lights, so we would have to buy these things. Since this year’s tree would be a thing for Rachel, is there a special way we should decorate it?

4) How big of tree should we get?  What is manageable for a NY apartment?

5) Since Ping’s parents just moved to China yesterday (yes yesterday) and Ping’s brother will be in Atlanta with his Fiancée for Christmas, it is just Ping and I.  What should we do for Christmas?  (Sorry, we will NOT be flying to Seattle.)