1) Potty Chair:  I bought the Summer Infant All-in-One Potty Seat. I chose this one because the seat is removable to use atop a toilet, and the chair can be used as a step stool when the lid is closed. I really don’t think you need those chairs with all the bells and whistles. Chairs that sing or have it’s own toilet paper holder. To me, it’s just more things to wean the child off of when they graduate to the big toilet later.  I don’t know about you, but my the toilet I use doesn’t sing and dance for me.

2) Toilet Rings: Some parents don’t even use a potty chair, they just get the toilet rings or toppers. I did buy a toilet ring for our 2nd bathroom. It’s best to have something for them to use in every bathroom in the house.  You don’t want to be rushing up and down stairs or from one bathroom to the other when your child tells you nature is calling.  Erin actually picked hers out: sesame street theme.  Yeah…that is distraction enough.  She sits on it and sees the characters and points to them.

3) Think about travel:Some parents bring their potty chair with them and keep it in the car. I decided purchase a Potette Plus.  THAT thing is AWESOME! We live in the big city where most of our errands are within walking distance  I use it for travel purposes. I mainly keep it in the basket of our stroller.  I originally bought it for when we were at the park. Not all parks here have a bathroom and if they do, it’s hit or miss whether its unlocked.  What makes this product awesome is that it doubles as a toilet topper! It is small enough to fit inside a large purse or a diaper bag.  You can buy the plastic bags it comes with to use as a chair, or use a generic plastic bag.  Erin likes the turtles with umbrellas on the absorbent pad on the potette bags, so I just get them. We used this on the plane while traveling across the country and used it on every toilet successfully.  It’s a very universal piece.  If you plan on just purchasing toilet toppers and no potty chairs, you can always save some money and just get one of these: just remember to take it with you whe

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