I was going to write all about us recently moving Erin to a toddler bed, but when I logged onto WordPress and was greeted with this, I just had to reblog it, because, well, that picture is making me drool right now.

My husband made some pork eggrolls tonight for dinner. Although this post is also about eggrolls, it’s not the same ones that we just had.  It’s a dessert kind of eggroll. A banana and nutella kind, to be exact.

If you love fried bananas, you’ll go BA-NA-NAS for this one! A really simple, quick, and yummy dessert to be served (warm) alone or with vanilla ice cream.

BE96Usually, when I do food posts, it’s about showcasing the final result. This time is a little different. I wanted to show the process step by step and volunteered my husband to be my photographer. Lucky for me, he’s great at taking pictures!

BE2BE3Here I have three different varieties of bananas. I used baby bananas for this recipe.The key is that they should be fairly ripe.

BEOur kitchen is the brightest space in the house so lighting was just oh so perfect

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