Help me Decide my Next Project!

As some of you may know, I’ve taken up a new hobby.  Or what I hope will be a fun hobby.  I had my first sewing lesson last Friday and it was so much fun! I’m almost done with my first assignment (a table runner).  At the end of class, my instructor told me to start thinking about what I would like to make next.  Since then, I’ve been scouring the internet (well, mostly Pinterest), searching for what I would LOVE to make next.  All I can think about is a purse.  I really enjoy this pattern by Martha Stewert:


I have some really neat fabric ideas for it!

However, these past few days have been SO COLD that I’ve been missing my rice heat bag.  My sister made it for me when she was in high school.  I LOVED it! It was the perfect size, color and shape.  During the cold NYC winters, I would heat it up and put it in the covers at the foot of my bed so I could warm my feet up to it.  Unfortunately, one day, it Imagepassed away.  I forgot to remove it from the bed as I gathered the sheets to wash.  In the washer went the rice bag unnoticed.  We all know what happens to rice in water.  It was ruined. 😦  I would LOVE to make a few of these (one for each of us) to have around the house.  I’m sure it would be a simple thing to sew. 

So I think I need a little help: the neat reversible bag, or the rice heat bags? I have to make a decision by next week!

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