These are selling FAST!

I posted last week the story behind my new crochet line in my Etsy Shop: KidEssence.  Well, each one of those creations sold within 24 hours of being listed!!  Wow!!!  I’m so happy and thrilled my creations are loved so much!  Market House also wants a good piece of this menagerie!  Well, since my last post, I have listed 2 more crochet creations for sale!

I finished the cow (sold in 24 hours and have gotten a few more orders!)



Black and White Crochet Cow

Isn’t he cute!?!

He has spots on his back too!

He has spots on his back too!

And a Fox Lovey!  I think my friends in Russia will really enjoy this one!  I thought and prayed for a missionary family we support in St. Petersburg while I make this fox.

fox lovey!

fox lovey!


Fox blanket measures 18 by 18 inches in length. A great size for carrying around!


I really love the orange, grey and white colors I used for the fox lovey!

If you’d like to order a crochet’d creation, visit my Etsy Shop: KidEssence, visit my Facebook Page and message me there, or email me !


Shop Local, Shop Big

As some of you that have been following my recent posts know, there is a small new shop opening in Westwood, NJ.  A shop full of Big dreams and locally handmade items.  It’s been really exciting to see it all come together over this past month!  And today, is the big day for Market House!  They are now officially open!  It looks so fabulous and so many fabulous finds are there! Tonight from 4pm-9pm, Sarah and Chelsea will be having their grand opening event at Market House.  There will be raffles, and many of us vendors will be there to greet you in person!  So come on down and check it out.  Buy some locally made hot sauce, roasted coffee, suspenders and matching bow tie for the little man, organic baby clothing, accessories, jewelry, apparel and more!  You will NOT be disappointed!!

Market House is located at 172 Center Ave. Westwood, NJ  A block from the train station.  Plenty of parking on the street and in the municipal lot is available.

I’ve Been Working Hard!

I feel like I’ve neglected this blog so much lately!  It’s been a great source for me to share my life, thoughts, feelings, and journey in life after losing a child and having a rainbow.  It’s also been great to share my business adventures with you all!  So why can’t I seem to keep my posts regular?  Life just gets SO BUSY!  Here are some updates on Erin:

1) She had her 6th swim lesson today and received her certificate to pass onto the next level!  She will be a “Pike Plus” at the YMCA her next session.  Let’s hope the hubs agrees to sign up for fall lessons. 🙂  She’s been having a blast with it, and has 2 more lessons of this session left.

2) In about one month, Erin will be starting preschool.  This kid is growing up!  It’s exciting and hard to see at the same time.  She is just full of energy and quirks that are awesome to see.  I’ve recently discovered that when she asks, “Why” to a statement she says; if I ask “why” back, she will give me the reason.  90% of the time, it’s, “because I love you!”  Even when it doesn’t make sense.  Melts my heart every time.

3) Erin is STILL on a high from VBS (Vacation Bible School) last month.  She still sings her songs complete with actions once a day.  I learned at church yesterday that she also knows the words to the Hymn, “Holy Holy Holy” by Reginald Heber.  SWEET!

Here’s what’s been happening in my Etsy Shop:

1) I decided to have a sale for this month!  I am currently offering 15% off select cosmetic/beauty bags.  Use coupon code COSMETIC15 through 8/15/14 at check out!  I’d like to see a lot of these go to a new home! They also make great storage bags for puzzle pieces, letters, magnets, cars and other small toys our kids tend to lie around.  I’ve got one I use for Erin’s cars, and all those little Melissa and Doug wooden puzzle pieces that don’t have a containable storage bag?  PERFECT!!!!

2) I recently applied to 2 fall craft shows.  The first will be 10/26 in Dumont, NJ.  A Street Fair and Craft Show.  The second I am wait-listed for in Paramus, NJ 11/30.  I hoping to do well at both shows if possible.  It’s made me start working a ton on my travel felt boards. I’ve added some new sets since I’ve posts about them.  I’m up to 7 complete sets now: fish, flowers, monsters, cars, zoo animals, sweet treats and my latest: Dress Up Dolls!  Here’s a photo of the Dolls:

Felt Dress Up Doll Set

Felt Dress Up Doll Set

I’m so excited about these!  Erin helped me come up with designs for the clothing and she HAD to test them out before she ate her breakfast last week.  I just officially posted them for sale in my shop today.  They are available as a Felt Page Addition to the Art Busy Books AND an option with the travel felt boards (they are listed as an option, but I’m still editing the photos to show them in the listing, so you can still purchase them now if you choose. You will find them in the drop down menu in the options upon checkout.) My mom immediately asked me why there was no red hair (she’s a red head).  I politely said, “Red hair is just too gorgeous to create.  God did such a perfect job with red heads, I cannot even measure up.”  🙂

I have a few more felt set ideas on the list, so stay tuned for the upcoming Trains, weather, numbers and letters!  Hopefully they will be here in the next month! For now, I’ve got 7 sets available for purchase both with the felt page addition and travel felt boards.  (Click on the link to view each section) Here is a photo of all 7 sets available. These make a PERFECT entertainment addition to summer travels (Labor day is coming up!), restaurants, meetings, doc visits, etc.

7 Felt Sets Available

7 Felt Sets Available

3) Erin and I have been checking out as many Farmer’s Markets in the area as we can.  I don’t know why, but I just LOVE Farmer’s Markets!  Fresh, local, foods, eats, and stores coming out to promote themselves and socialize. We have been able to find amazing Lemonade, Italian Ice, Ice Cream, Local Raw Honey (Ping actually requested me buy some to help his allergies!), and other local homemade products.  The best one we’ve been to so far is the new River Edge Farmer’s Market.  They have music!! I have also noticed it to be a great opportunity to connect with local vendors and help promote my shop. I even found out about a new store that will be opening in Westwood, NJ called Market House!  It will feature all local handmade items!  So excited about it!  It’s presented me with some opportunities I hope to share with you soon if they come to fruition.

For now, I must get back to creating, stocking up on inventory and enjoying the last month of summer with my darling little one!  Happy August!