Spend More Time on the Floor!

As most of us parents know, toddlers and kids LOVE the floor.  At least my kid does.  Erin probably spends 80% of her day on the floor.  She does puzzles, colors, paints, reads books, pretends to swim, plays with her Lego’s.  Me, personally, I find the floor a bit uncomfortable. Probably because it’s all hardwood and we have no carpet, not even a rug. Hardwood floors are a huge trend right now.

As Erin has gotten older, she has resorted to tossing pillows from the couch and beds, onto the wood floor and playing with them: sitting, jumping, bouncing, etc.  As a loving parent, I felt there needed to be a pillow that a child can call hers.

A certain cute little girl’s first birthday was approaching and I wanted to make her something that would last a long time, have a lot of uses, and be a great addition to her home.  So, I made a toddler floor cushion:

98095D86-08CE-11E3-8D44-A118F3A8AFB4I was a little nervous about how it would turn out and fit together.  I don’t have tracing paper or “pattern paper” to draw my patterns on, so I just stuck 6 pieces of 8.5×11 paper together.  Without a compass, I was fearful I wouldn’t get a perfect circle, but using my ruler and some magic, I was able to get the job done!

C1C29E94-08E2-11E3-B7B6-C5BB67B082C3Now for the “Toddler Test.”  I let Erin have at it.  I didn’t want to give a gift to someone if there was a possibility she would not like it.  Apparently, Erin knew exactly what to do with it:
20F0D750-08E8-11E3-93D0-C5BB67B082C3Erin loves it!  (Now I need to make one for her- maybe when we move to our new house)

I also decided to add some personalization.  I added the sweet baby girls initials along the side:

E07CB908-08E9-11E3-8E66-BDEC132E2704I really like how it came out! It’s plush, lofty (can be less lofty if I wanted), has a handle to easily carry it around, lightweight, and super duper easy to make!

This fabric is SO adorable, I went to order some more and found that it has been discontinued! I bought it a few months ago with other plans for it in mind, but decided against it back then.  I spent HOURS scouring the internet looking for some of this fabric, PANICKING!  I FINALLY found some and now have enough to make 4 more cushions!

I have added this item to my Etsy Shop. You can view this listing here.  Or by visiting my Etsy Page on this blog here.  Fabric can be changed, and an option to not personalize it is available upon request too!  If you want your cushion made with this fabric, better jump on it since the supply is limited!

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