Pinterest: A pinner’s paradise of pictures and comments

Pinterest: a beautiful website idea that many, many, MANY people have become obsessed about.  Myself included.  I like it so much that sometimes, I let my daughter watch an extra episode of Dora so I can spend more time scouring Pinterest for new ideas.

Paul Sciarra, Evan Sharp, and Ben Silbermann ought to be EXTREMELY proud of Imagethemselves for creating this picture based networking site!  Using pictures to lure people into the website someone is sharing is genius!  Pictures really are worth a thousand words! (well, 500 according to the limits of Pinterest)

I think the board that is the most used on my profile so far is “FOOD!!!!”  Who can’t resist a picture of a mouth-watering meal of potatoes baked with bacon and Parmesan cheese? (had that last night: AMAZING!) Or Beer Chicken in the crock pot (I cooked this last week and it actually wasn’t very good).  Those blueberry cheesecake cookies I made last week….HEAVENLY!!! I would have never seen these recipes online otherwise as I usually stick to  Last week, every single one of our dinners was made from a recipe I found through Pinterest!

“For the Home” is my dream board.  One day, we will own a house.  One day, I will have my own yard, own walls that I can paint, a kitchen and dining area the size of my current apartment.  SO many great ideas and dreams I’ve discovered on Pinterest for this. Now, tucked away on this board for safe keeping.

My second most favorite board I have is “crafts.”  Now that I’ve picked up sewing, I’ve found all these great ideas and patterns! Pinterest has enabled me to save these onto my “crafts” board for later use.  It’s nice not to have to bookmark up the entire internet!  One day, I found a link to a pattern for a purse.  The pin’s description left was “one hour purse. I made this in an hour from the time I started to cut to the time I was putting stuff in the new purse and heading out the door.”  I “repinned” it because the purse looked really cute and I’d like to sew it someday.  My older sister “liked” this pin and commented on wanting me to make one for her. 

This made me stop and think:  Did my sister think I actually MADE that purse already? Did I just deceive her with simply clicking a button, but not rewriting the comment on the pin?

A Facebook friend of mine has a baby she is nursing.  The baby has sensitivities to many foods meaning the mom can’t have those foods.  Her diet has been limited to basically air and water.  Yet, she is constantly pinning these AMAZING looking foods and the comments used are: “succulent!”, “Delicious!”, “Mouth watering!”, “I made this yesterday and it was to die for!”, etc.  After a conversation with her I had come to learn she can’t eat ANY of those dishes and actually HASN’T! She, too, is guilty of repinning her comments.

I never (rarely) change the comments on things I repin!  I never thought about it.  I just click, click, repin and keep scrolling.  Then, I started thinking, how many people are like me? They don’t change the comments in their pins when they repin a link. If I’m of the majority, then how many people are reading their comments thinking they actually made that recipe, sewed that purse, redid their kitchen to look like a million bucks when you know they are dirt poor?

So this leads me to ask this question: Do YOU change the comments in your re-pins?





4 thoughts on “Pinterest: A pinner’s paradise of pictures and comments

  1. I use to and then I stopped. But then recently I followed through to a site and it was not a recipe it was porn. So now if there is a real cheesy caption, or it sounds to good to be true, I check it and re-write the like totally awesome changed my life, read now pin later, comment 🙂

    • Oh my goodness! Porn!?! That’s crazy! I would have never thought about that! I have had some recipes I’ve pinned and I’ve later gone to use it, go to the site and it actually gets bad reviews. But Porn! That’s is bad! Good to know!

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