Big Sister

On Wednesday, Erin and I got to spend some special time with a good friend of mine. She had a baby boy in the beginning of October. Unfortunately, we have been unable to meet the little guy until now. I was nervous about how Erin would react being around him. Erin has always been very much a little sister around other kids. I wrote about this is a previous post here.

I was really happy and surprised to see Erin take such good care of the baby! She read her Dora books to him, made sure he was buckled up in the bouncer. He had to have a bib to catch drool and spit up. She even kissed him when it was nap time! And when it was time for the little man to eat, she pointed to my friend as she nursed her son and said, “mama!”

It was so nice and comforting to see her take such good care of him and show me that she can be a big sister. Here is a picture of Erin with the little man.


( please note, we are NOT expecting another addition to our family anytime soon, nor are we planning!)

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