What’s Yours is Mine

I’ve gotten into the good habit of only putting one food in front of Erin during meals.  It not only helps her eat her veggies and other healthy things first, but helps cut down on the fuss if she doesn’t want what I’m putting on her tray, but rather the other food at the table.  This particular morning yogurt and grapes were on the menu for breakfast. I fed Erin her yogurt first and decided I would give her grapes while I ate my bowl of cheerios so her hands would be occupied.  I bring out our foods, set down my bowl of cereal, and put a few grapes on her tray.  I then proceed to grab my bowl of Cheerios and enjoy my breakfast.  Erin had another plan: Simply scream bloody murder, throw the grapes on her tray to the floor and thrash about in her tiny chair until she obtains a few of what she thinks are her Cheerios.

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