10 Week Appointment

Yesterday, Ping and I saw the doctor for our 10 week appointment.  I was kind of nervous because my symptoms in the past week have started to subside, thus making it hard to really know that I am still pregnant.  As the doctor administered the ultrasound, we were delighted to see our Little Lee moving about, waving to us, turning around, very active!  Little Lee must have really liked that grilled cheese sandwich for lunch!  All arms and legs were there!  Little Lee looks very much like a human now!  The doctor had a hard time getting a good view to measure Little Lee’s length.  Once he got it, we knew everything was on track.  Ping got to see Little Lee’s heart beat for the first time, it was pumping at a good pace of 178bpm!  It seems that Little Lee did very well during the half marathon last Sunday! 

1 thought on “10 Week Appointment

  1. Really enjoying following your race and pregnancy thru this blog. Enjoyed the details of your race. YOU ROCK GIRL (and little Lee too)!!Love, Mom and Dad from Sydney, AU

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