Can you say Neuchal Translucency?

October and begun to be a really busy month.  On the 3rd, this past Saturday, I ran a leisurely half marathon called Grete’s Gallop in Central Park with a friend.  She is training for the NYC marathon on November 1st and I decided to join her for some company.  Rain and thunder where in the forecast at 90%, but none of that took place!  It was just humid.  The run was good and I felt awesome throughout.  Grete Wiatz is a Norwegian marathoner who holds the record for most NYC marathons won. 
Tuesday, the 6th, I had a special ultrasound and blood test done called a Neuchal Translucency (NT) test.  This is to test for the possibility of Down’s Syndrome.  It was the most annoying test I hope I ever have to go through!  In order for the ultrasound tech to properly measure the space in the baby’s neck, the baby MUST be a certain position (lying on it’s back).  Usually, the baby’s cooperate and are in the position.  Little Lee, DID NOT COOPERATE!!!!  Try #1:  Little Lee was doing a hand stand and kicking his/her legs in the air!  The cool part, the u/s tech played around with the machine and the baby, I got to see my cervix (whoopie), she pointed out the placenta, made me cough and shook my belly many times to get the baby to move.  Little Lee just wanted to continue the acrobatics.  I even got to hear the heartbeat for the fist time!  haha.  She sent me out in the waiting room and told me to cough and remain standing while she took another patient.  People kept looking at me wondering if I was sick.  Try #2.  Little Lee was somewhat still on his/her head, but was turning back to us too.  She brought the doc in to see if the position was acceptable.  He of course said no, but it would be perfect to get the measurements via transvaginal.  She we waited for the next room to open up to continue.  Try #3.  The tech wanted to check one more time to see if the baby moved.  Little Lee finally cooperated after a little wait.  During this wait, I got to see Little Lee’s brain….kind of exciting actually, we know it won’t be an “airhead” (har har)!  The official results won’t be available for another week, but by the space in the neck, we have nothing to worry about.  After telling Ping about our baby being ever so active, we said, if he is like that outside of the womb, I should just take him for a run.  Good idea!

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