Takin’ It Easy

It’s been a few months since I’ve given an update.  The summer has been very busy and thus has flown by.  I can’t believe that next week will be September already!  Aside from me working at Boon’s Summer Camp this summer, Ping and I have tried to get out more.  We saw 2 movies: Twilight: Eclipse, and Inception.  I would highly recommend inception.  Ping would recommend both.  We also spent a weekend on the upper westside visiting Harlem and The Cloisters.  It was quite a trek due to some trains not running, but we made it.  Our first stop was in Harlem for lunch at the famous Amy Ruth’s restaurant.  Good ole soul food straight up.  They are famous for their waffles paired with a fried meat dish.  They also have good mac and cheese (from what I hear).  Let me tell you, Amy Ruth’s has THE BEST Belgian waffle I have EVER tasted! It was lightly crisp on the outside and immediately melted upon entering your mouth. Mmmmm….I’m salivating just typing about it!  Paired with our waffles, Ping ordered the fried chicken wings.  Very delicious.  Since I had been to Rosco’s Chicken and Waffle house in L.A., I decided to try the fried shrimp with my waffle.  Very good, but not as good as the chicken. 

After lunch, we headed up to The Cloisters.  The Cloisters is a part of the Metropolitan Museum of Art that features medieval European art.  Now, Ping and I both are not art savy, nor are we the type to stand in front of an object, ooh and awe over it and try to interpret what the artist wanted to tell us.  The museum was beautiful I have to say, mostly because of the building it was located in had incorporated elements of the French cloisters and from monastic sites in southern France.  The Cloisters is located in beautiful Fort Tyron Park.  Fort Tyron is composted of quiet lawn areas, pathways, stairways and floral gardens.  All overlooking the Hudson River.  I have added some pictures in my album for you to see.  Enjoy!

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