A Heart “Felt” Gift

Ever since I started making my hand cut felt sets, I never had the best storage system. To be honest, I didn’t think they would be such a hit in my Etsy Shop and at Market House. I thoroughly enjoy creating these sets so I’m very glad they took off so well.

When I started, I was also living in a tiny 2 bedroom apartment with no storage. All my sewing and felt supplies were boxed up after each use. When we moved to our house, I suddenly had so much room. The fabric took priority over the felt when I started using Erin’s old dresser and changing table for storage. The felt just stayed in the same box. It was hard to keep it organized and very quickly, the box came to look like this:


Ugh!!! So embarrassed to show you my felt box!

Yeah….not good. And yes, the pile has toppled over a few times.
Last month, I came across an inspiring photo on Pinterest
for organization in a closet. All done by the container store materials. I knew I needed something exactly like it. Yet the sticker shock ($900) from The Container Store brought me to tears. I posted on Facebook asking for my friends to help me find a cheaper solution with the same look. My good friend who lives literally on the other side of the planet found a very similar item at Ikea and suggested it to me. Thanks Ashley!!!  It was a no brainer to add the Algot system to my Christmas list. I put three down each at around $50-60 and waited to see if it ended up under the tree.
Well, I’m so pleased to say that I received one of them from my blessed sister in law!


ALGOT organization bin system from IKEA

It was a breeze to put together and each bin slides out easily. So, that pile of felt in the brown box was given a new home this afternoon:


My organized felt!!!!!!!

All of my felt supplies are right in one spot….ORGANIZED!!!
I put two colors in each bin:


Red and orange felt


Yellow and green felt


Blue and pink/purple felt


Black, Grey and Brown felt


Cream and White Felt

As you can see, the basket pulls out far enough for me to easily see and reach the back color of felt. I didn’t even know I had that much felt! I always feel like I’m almost out of a needed color! This will definitely help save me some pennies when supply shopping!
As you can see, I put my pre cut felt sets, patterns and embroidery supplies in the bottom basket easy to grab in the same location (they used to be in 2 different rooms)


Felt patterns and embroidery supplies!

This system will eventually be put in the office closet once someone with a newborn on the way wants the dresser/changer combo. For now, it’s in a great spot too!

Well, I’m off to work on some felt set orders!! Some of my sets are Limited Edition, so act fast as new sets will be introduced soon!


Road Trip!!!!

In exactly one week, Erin and I will be embarking on a road trip….for 6.5 hours….just the two of us.  I love road trips. Erin likes going places as well.  She and I are both really excited to see the “big waterfall” (what Erin calls Niagara Falls).  I’m more excited to see some parts of Eastern Canada too.  What makes me anxious is entertaining a 3 year old in a confined space for that length of time.  Sure, I plan to have the Kindle powered up and a few movies downloaded for her view pleasure.  The usual portable items such as books, crayons, coloring books, her art book and travel chalk board. This kid’s addiction to art is great, but not so much when her crayons come tumbling down on the floor out of her reach.  Now that doesn’t make a long car ride so pleasing to her nor I.  I decided I’d try to find a solution to this problem and incorporate it into a cool new toy to entertain her for the car ride as well.

When I was a kid, we each had a lap desk that we took on our road trips.  It was great.  A hard flat surface to color and write on with a pillow for leverage on the bottom.  The pillow prevented the lap desk from sliding off our laps easily.  I decided I’d buy one for Erin.  But I either didn’t find one I liked, was too wide or big for her car seat or it had a completely flat surface. What about those crayons?  They will still roll? I decided to hold off and keep looking.

One afternoon, as I was frantically semi-cleaning out the car, (you know, clearing space so a second passenger can sit back there?) I came across Erin’s “activity tray” that I made for her at a MOPS meeting last year. Similar to this one. I had made a flimsy alphabet set with it and most pieces were either worn to no use or missing.  It then dawned on me, it had the surface I wanted….a design to keep those crayons from rolling onto the floorboard out of everyone’s reach!  I knew then, making my own lap desk for Erin was totally possible!

I used the tray for the top hard surface, some fabric that Erin picked out at our new favorite fabric store (The Quilt Spot); and piping!  I decided to make my own piping which I’ve never done before out of complete convenience.  And HOLY HECK was that so easy peasy!!!!  I don’t think I’ll ever be buying premade piping again!

It didn’t take me long and I had very little to no frustration in making it!  In fact I love it so much, I might just list it in my Etsy Shop!  After all, it does fit my brand (portable and expandable activities).  The best part….it’s magnetic!!!!  And I could make it a chalkboard surface or dry erase too!!  Oh the possibilities are endless!!!  Since it is magnetic, I decided I’ll be gifting Erin something similar to this for the road trip:

Here is the finished lap desk for Erin:

Magnetic top with a small ridge to keep crayons from rolling off.  Plus handles!!!

Magnetic top with a small ridge to keep crayons from rolling off. Plus handles!!!


Pillow on the bottom with the lovely fabric! Look at that perfect 3 inches on leverage!


Bottom Pillow View. This really is gorgeous fabric. Erin’s got great taste!

So what do you think?  Do you think the little artist will like it?  What about YOUR little artist?

New Color Gives a Better Look

As a follow up from my post last week featuring my handmade curtains and pillow covers for our living room, I seem to have made my little problem much better!

I bought a new cover for the futon….red.  It looks so much better in my opinion!

IMAG1794IMAG1793Looks, much better, doesn’t it! I’m so happy and dear hubby likes it to!