These are selling FAST!

I posted last week the story behind my new crochet line in my Etsy Shop: KidEssence.  Well, each one of those creations sold within 24 hours of being listed!!  Wow!!!  I’m so happy and thrilled my creations are loved so much!  Market House also wants a good piece of this menagerie!  Well, since my last post, I have listed 2 more crochet creations for sale!

I finished the cow (sold in 24 hours and have gotten a few more orders!)



Black and White Crochet Cow

Isn’t he cute!?!

He has spots on his back too!

He has spots on his back too!

And a Fox Lovey!  I think my friends in Russia will really enjoy this one!  I thought and prayed for a missionary family we support in St. Petersburg while I make this fox.

fox lovey!

fox lovey!


Fox blanket measures 18 by 18 inches in length. A great size for carrying around!


I really love the orange, grey and white colors I used for the fox lovey!

If you’d like to order a crochet’d creation, visit my Etsy Shop: KidEssence, visit my Facebook Page and message me there, or email me !

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