Last Minute DIY Christmas Craft

It’s 4 days before Christmas and Erin and I have yet to do a Christmas craft together!  We enjoyed making pumpkins, bats and ghosts for our front window during October and I thought I’d keep the momentum going for decor crafts throughout the holidays.

Thanksgiving put us in Seattle unexpectedly, so T-Day will have to be postponed until next year.  However, I did spend a lot of my downtime filling up my crafts and holidays Pinterest folders for some good Christmas craft ideas to work on when we returned home.

Well, illness and Christmas Orders through my Etsy Shop kept these past two weeks really busy, so here we are, 4 days before Christmas and no completed DIY Christmas Decor…until today!

Our Christmas tree is nicely decorated with Martha Stewart bulbs bought last minute at Home Depot last year.  With a three year old, we don’t have much stock in the “vacation ornaments” or the “ornaments that your kids made at school” so ornaments is what we were going to make.

I do confess that I fully intended to make these last week and Erin and I even began the prep work last week, but never got around to anything beyond that.

I chose a simple and quick craft that I found on Pinterest.  The link led me to Red Ted Art where I found a simple tutorial on how to make snowman ornaments from wine corks.  When I first saw this idea, I though, “Awesome!  I have a TON of wine corks laying around” that I can use and we just bought acrylic paint for a Christmas Gift Erin made for her lucky Auntie.  So, off to work we went.  Here’s a link to the tutorial on Red Ted Art.

First, Erin and I headed to the cold basement to my messy craft table (given to us courtesy of my Mother in Law for my Craft Shows.  Thanks Mama Lee!) I spat a good amount of white acrylic paint in a washed out yogurt cup. (Thank God I keep a ton of those lying around!)

Clean, Empty Yogurt Cups.  Thanks Trader Joe's....and my tummy.

Clean, Empty Yogurt Cups. Thanks Trader Joe’s….and my tummy.

We quickly slathered on the paint to 20 wine corks and let them dry (I had every intention of finishing the next day, but just….well…didn’t)

Today, I stayed home sick (my throat really is sore, I swear) from church and found the opportunity to finish these suckers up.  After all, some are supposed to be gifts for the pre-k teachers at Erin’s school.

I grabbed my hot glue gun, the fancy Christmas pipe cleaners and my two sharpie pens and went to town.

20 wine cork snowmen

20 wine cork snowmen

Here is the end result.  And I’m so glad I made them because now, we have more than just bulbs and a few (like 5) special ornaments decorating our tree!



All those extra ornament hooks come in handy! Just hook them on the ear muffs!

IMAG0446 IMAG0445

Love them!

Love them!


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