Off They Go!

10421603_10152645788169054_5865768185331638036_nMy Items all packaged and ready to be sent to Market House in Westwood, NJ!  If you live in the Bergen County area, Market House will be having their grand opening next weekend (Sept 6-7) at 172 Center Ave.  There you will find a good selection of my Portable Chalkboards, Felt Boards, and Art Books for sale!  When I dropped off these boxes today at the store, it was really nice to see the progression that has been made, how nicely it is coming together!  It is such an honor to have my items sold amongst so many amazing and talented local artists!

2 thoughts on “Off They Go!

    • Erin! A local! That’s great! Grand opening is this coming Friday. Its so exciting to see this shop coming together right now. I’m amazed at how many wonderful and talented local artisans there are here!

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