The Chauffeur


I always knew there would be a time in motherhood where my days as a mom would enter a phase full of drop offs and pick-ups. Shuttling my child from one activity to another. Asking her more about what she did that day rather than seeing it unfold with her.

To be honest, I always was excited to have that day come. Free up my time for more activities that I enjoy doing and devote more time to my business. I knew that as kindergarten approached in 2 years,  my time at “mommy and me” activities would drastically diminish. That’s why I decided to cherish these last three summers with Erin. Try to fit in as many activities for us as possible. After all, our suburban life has made impromptu play dates a little bit more tough. I can’t just head off to the park where Erin can play with a random 20 friends while I meet 10 new moms/dads.

Here’s the schedule I ended up with for Erin: Mondays are swim lessons, Wednesdays library class and Thursdays art class. With VBS (vacation bible school) during one of those weeks.

I was really looking forward to these things. I knew I would be on the sidelines for a few activities, but I was excited to ease her into these things without me. Then the week of VBS hit.

I was excited. VBS was going to give me 6 more hours that week without Erin. I planned on getting things done for my business that had been hanging over my head. I could finally knock off a good amount of things on my “to do” list.  It was going to be busy, I knew. Wednesday would be tight with only an hour in between VBS and library class. But I knew we could do it.

We started the week off strong. Monday was swim lessons. Sitting on the side watching her learn a life saving skill. She’s getting pretty good!


Tuesday was VBS day 1. I did the drop off and skipped back to my car ready to conquer 2 uninterrupted hours of work. I was a free person!!! Lesson learned. Don’t go to a place where WiFi is slow!!! Nothing got accomplished! It also took me as much time to drive to my coffee shop that it does to drive home.


Wednesday I deemed “challenge day.” VBS in the morning with an hour to come home scarf down lunch as fast as you can get a toddler to eat and speed off to the library. We made it in time!

Thursday was VBS again. My last day with 2 hours of freedom. I finished my checklist for work that day and felt amazing! Friday we could relax and have fun with Erin’s BFF at the children’s museum followed by her VBS performance in the evening.

As Friday night drew to a close, I felt some things I never expected- exhaustion and wonder. I sat there in bed realizing my major role that week was to drive Erin to and from each of her activities. That was it.  I wasn’t a part of a single activity that week! Here I thought I’d love this freedom, but ended up just as exhausted as she was! And I never expected this chauffeur role to happen so soon!

No one told me mommy and me classes start to fade at 3 years old!!! No one warned me of this coming so soon! I felt like if I knew this was coming, I would have cherished those mommy and me activities more in the past. Instead of enjoying this little bit of freedom I have now, I find it really bittersweet and missing those moments that she learns things without me there.

Today, I have decided to cherish each moment I have with Erin even more, make our moments as special as they can because I know that her activities with me will only become a little bit less each year.

Erin's VBS performance

Erin’s VBS performance

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