It Never Hurts to Ask

A link I am constantly trying to teach Erin is that it never hurts to ask. Ask to hold the other child’s hand first. Ask if you can borrow something, have something, share something with them. Ask if you can play with them, hug them etc. Erin loves to play with other kids, but tends to shower them with hugs, kisses and hand holding without asking. And frankly, so kids get freaked out about it. Makes sense. So, we are working on it! 🙂 Well, I have a question now, that I’d like to ask.

As many of you may know, I’ve been working hard a adding a new line of travel art activities to my Etsy Shop. I love creating my hand embroidered felt pieces so much! (you may remember me posting a photo of my monsters?) It’s so fun to see a shape of colored felt come to life with personality when I add embroidery floss to it!

Well, I’ve been playing around with my photography for my travel felt boards, and would LOVE an opinion/comment if you can take a moment to do so. I have narrowed down my first photo (I’m allowed up to 5 for each Etsy listing), to two options. The first photo is crucial as it is the one that appears in searches when a shopper is looking for an item. If it’s bad or doesn’t look appealing, the shopper won’t click to find out more regarding the product. They will move onto the next photo. So, here are my two options:

Felt board 1st photo option

So which one are you more likely to click on to view the product in more detail, photo 1 or 2? Your opinions and comments mean so much to me and would be of great help!!

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