Felt and Thread

My mom taught me to cross stitch when I was little. (I remember cross stitching ornaments while on a boat to Alaska when I was 9, so I must have started younger than that) It wasn’t the painted one that you just follow the colored squares, it was counted cross stitch.  Imagine a child at 8 years old squinting over a paper key and counting each little square carefully only to mess up 1,000 times.  Yep….those were the days you put it away and didn’t touch it for a while.  And when you got it back out, it took another hour or so making sure you are correct you are the the spot you really did leave off. You stitch a few rows and then realize that you did one 10 rows up completely wrong!  But, when you were finished and that thing was matted and bound to create whatever display piece it was meant to be, all that time consuming labor and cross eyed….I mean stitch was worth it!  (Maybe this is why I’m still working on our Christmas Stockings that I started 4 years ago!  Maybe when Erin is 10, I’ll finally have them finished. LOL!)

Well, I want to thank my mom for teaching me such a daunting, patience requiring task so early in life. Because when I started a new creation for my Etsy Shop, that needle and embroidery thread came in handy!  I wrote a post a while back about my Art Book Deluxe that I created.  You can read about it here. I shared my vision before I finished, so you can see the finished products here available in my Etsy Shop: TLeeCustomDesigns. I enjoy making these books so much, but the time it takes to complete a whole one makes it a little pricey (but worth it!- Erin still plays with hers- it was perfect for the 6 hr plane ride- and a 6 yr old girl took hers for show and tell at school!).  So, I decided to divide up some of the art pages and make them more portable.  First, I made a Chalkboard Placemat. They sold really well at my first Craft Fair this past spring!

Then, my sewing machine needed to go to the shop.  Without a machine, I couldn’t sew so I took the time to concentrate on my felt pieces.  I’ve expanded to 5 themes now: Cars, Flowers, Ocean Fish, Zoo Animals, and Sweet Treats. I’m currently working on Monsters and have visions of Ice Cream in my head (maybe the hot days of June are getting to me?).

PicMonkey CollageWith all these felt pieces that I hand cut and hand embroidered (this is the thanks to mom for teaching me an awesome skill!), I decided to make a travel felt board using the same idea as my chalkboard placemats!  Here is how it turned out:

Travel Felt board!

Travel Felt board!

You can purchase the travel felt board here. (or click on the photo) I decided to give options of which theme the buyer would like have with their felt board just like the art books, and if they want more than one theme (on one board), there’s an option for that too!

I’m loving these and and excited that my little felt pieces have versatility in my Etsy Shop! They even helped me rake in an order for felt chalice and hosts (200 each!) that will be used on 1st communion banners at a church in upstate New York!

I’ve got another place mat to get to work on now that I have a machine back, so once I finish up an order of super awesome waterproof backpacks, I’ll get to work on that too!  See Liz, I didn’t forget your suggestion. 😉

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