Adventures in Home Decorating

I think I might have found one of my favorite things to sew!  Home decor!  As most of you know, we purchased our first home back in October of 2013.  We moved in just before Thanksgiving and have been busy settling in every since!  While we love our new house, the seller left behind something that I just couldn’t stand.  It was functional and thus served a purpose until I was able to find fabric and make a replacement. CURTAINS!!!!

Every day for the past 6 months, I’ve stared at these dreadful things:

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What did we hate so much about these curtains?  1) They drag on the ground.  “But Tricia!!!!  This is the style now!!” You say. Well, this style makes it hard to clean the floor and the curtains get dirty just as much! I don’t want to add curtains to my weekly laundry chore! 2) The print.  Trees.  Really!?!  I mean, the seller had amazing taste in everything else, BUT these curtains!  Maybe that’s why she left them?

So, back in October I got an order to make some custom floor cushions from a friend.  Hi Alice!!!  I found this fabric for her that I just FELL IN LOVE WITH!  She loved it too so half of her cushions were made from it.  When the fabric arrived for the cushions, I was EVEN MORE IN LOVE with it!!!  I just couldn’t take my eyes off of it.  When we moved, I knew exactly what fabric would be perfect for our living room.  So, I ordered it….12 yards because well…I wanted to make pillows to match. 🙂

Here’s how the curtains turned out:

new curtains!

new curtains!

Yippee!!! But notice those drab brown pillows?

Yippee!!! But notice those drab brown pillows?

Here is a photo with the couch and new pillows (the pillows had this brown microfiber from an old couch)

DSC_0472No more hanging on the floor and picking them up to vacuum and mop.  No more dark icky trees!  It makes the room feel a little bigger too with them off the ground and it lightens up the gray and black room!! I’m still trying to decide if the matching pillows are a bit much though?  Thoughts?

Oh!  And I loved this project so much (the curtains) that I added the pillows AND the curtains to my Etsy shop!!!  You can order them here if you want them!!

Now onto the dining room window….I’m thinking burlap!


2 thoughts on “Adventures in Home Decorating

  1. Love the fabric!! Once the futon cover is coordinated you’ll be able to tell if the pillow are a bit much. Perhaps they would be better used on another piece of furniture in another part of the room rather than under the curtains. My preference for the LR is to have curtains to the floor (not touching) but these look great. Nice job!! Mom

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