T Minus 2 Days

We have two more days to call ourselves New Yorkers.  It’s a bittersweet feeling.  Our tiny apartment is 90% packed in large brown boxes.  The majority of things still left to pack are Erin’s toys.  We have so many boxes our shower is filled practically to the ceiling.


Fine Dining is out of the question here. We have just enough paper plates left for the next two dinner meals.  I think back on the 7+ years I’ve spend in NYC and I have fond and not so fond memories.  Yes, we are only moving 30 minutes away, but our new town and new house seems like a completely different world compared to this city. Did I ever get used to living in NYC? No.  Not entirely.  I never TRULY loved living in the city, but I am finding that our move is bittersweet.

Here are my memories of NYC (I’ll start with the not so fond first):

1) The people in Flushing…particularly the corner of Main Street and Roosevelt Avenue.  Too…Many…people

2) Street Parking: to save money, parking on the street for free is an option….IF I was lucky I’d find a spot within a block of our building. Last Saturday evening, I spent over an hour looking for parking!

3) Lines: oh wait….there are no lines here because everyone is fighting to get in front.

4) The 7 train…..during rush hour…..enough said.

5) The Playground: I only am referring to the one next to our building….where all the high school kids cut class and smoke pot.

6) Street Parking….oh wait, I said that already.

7) Street Parking….

8) Street Parking….

9) Street Parking….

10) Street Parking….yeah, it really is that bad.

Fond Memories of New York:

1) The best MFM docs are here.

2) The best MOPS group is close by.

3) Walking to the grocery store (3 all within a block)

4) walking to the library

5) walking to the subway

6) walking to the drug store

7) the doorman 😀

8) walking to church

9) walking to the park

10) running to the park

11) walking to the post office

12) The awesome friends I’ve made (yes we will still visit!)

13) walking to Target

14) the doorman 😀

15) walking to…..

16) Free swim lessons 🙂

17) walking to…..

18) walking to…..

19) walking to….

20) yep…..walking to…..pretty much anything.


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