Craft on the Go!

I love little kids birthdays!  Especially when I can get my craft on!  Another special little girl just had her 1st birthday.  Isabel is the most awesome little kid I know.  Well, one of them at least. 🙂  I’m usually the one to send a card with a picture of what I will be making the child since I can’t ever seem to get gifts done on time.  This time, I was determined to have the gift finished and wrapped in time for the party!  For Isa, I decided to make her an “Art Book.” I recently discovered the existence of “chalk cloth” and “iron on vinyl.”  Chalk cloth?!?  Yes!  It is was it seems to be….fabric that can be used as a chalkboard! SO COOL, right!?!  And Iron on vinyl- can be used as a dry erase board!  With some fabric and some stabilization and a little personalization, I came up with this:


chalk side

chalk side

dry erase side

dry erase side

Isn’t is cool!?!  It also includes a pocket to store dry erase markers and chalk as well as a cloth eraser.  🙂


A great gift for a one year old that will grow with her for a long time!  As I was in the process of listing this item for sale in my Etsy Shop, I was having some trouble coming up with more than one name that would be easy to search and find.  I asked for help from my “Etsy Team” members.  I also mentioned that I had a plan for a “Deluxe” version too.

cover of Deluxe in the works

cover of Deluxe in the works

This version will include more pages: one to hold 12 crayons, a page to hold a 5×7 paper pad, a pocket page to store used paper, dry erase page, chalk board page, and a felt art page with felt shapes and items to create pictures!  I’m so excited about this deluxe version as well as the original art book. Here is my sketch draft so you can see some layout.

IMAG1252Here are the completed pages so far:

Pocket Page for Crayons and Dry Erase Page

Pocket Page for Crayons (fits 12 crayons) and Dry Erase Page

Pre-Cut for the boyz!

Pre-Cut for the boyz!

I’m in the process of making the “Art Book Deluxe” and am finding that it is taking a lot more time than planned!  That’s why I’m writing this post.  If you want the “Art Book” or the “Art Book Deluxe” for your children (or yourself. 😀 ) for Christmas, please, pre-order now.  With moving to a new home in a month and holiday orders, right after Thankgiving, I want to make sure everyone receives their items by Christmas Day.  You can also order any other item in my shop now and have it guaranteed to be there by Christmas.  Remember, all items can be custom made with different fabrics and sizes. Just contact me for more samples 🙂

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