“Time to Play!”

This is the phrase most commonly heard out of my daughter’s mouth these days.  What a great phrase!  Play is nice, play is fun, play means relax in an adult’s mind.  Erin LOVES to play (as most kids do).  But when it comes to play getting in the way of things that are necessary, it becomes a bit of a struggle for us.

Today, I had my last official counseling session with my counselor I have been seeing for 2.5 years due to post partum depression.  We talked about how far I’ve come since I first saw her when Erin was 5 weeks old.  We talked about my marriage, our future home, etc.  Mostly, we talked about the now. Erin. What she is engrossed in…..play.  I expressed how frustrating it is.  She is so engrossed in playing, that the very things I prided myself on that she loved to do are now the lowest of her priorities.


Erin LOVES to eat.  She is adventurous (she still is- she ate octopus leg at the grocery store a few weeks ago), and not afraid to taste most foods.  Now, when we say it’s time to eat, she says, “no! still playing!”


Erin LOVES to sleep.  She highly values her nap!  She was always excited to take one!  Always excited to go to bed at night.  Never really had a problem.  Now, when we say it’s time to get ready for bed, she says, “no! still playing!”


Erin was potty trained at 15 months and took well to it from the beginning.  Rarely any accidents!  Now, she’d rather pee her pants than take her toy to the potty with her.  Now, when we suggest she use the potty (because she’s busting out some really good moves), she says, “no! still playing!”

I ranted for most of my last session about how challenging Erin has become because of her play. Linda reminded me of something that I think I will remember for a really long time: Play is really good right now.  Play is how Erin learns and develops.  Play is how Erin is becoming a smart, mature, beautiful girl that brings you such joy everyday.

Yes, that is it.  Play….Time to play!


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