An Era has ended :(

It is with sad and deep regret that Erin’s little tush is no longer covered and protected by gDiapers.  It all started a year ago with potty training.  The cloth inserts were packed up first, the flushable inserts, PUL liners and cloth covers were left for nights only….until a few days ago. She has officially grown out of her Large sized gDiapers.  Some of you gDiaper lovers may stop and gasp right there.  Wondering why I didn’t just purchase the extra large size to keep her bum decked out in style, even if it only was under her PJs.  To be honest, I couldn’t justify the cost of building another size into my stash to be used for a short time, and only once a day.  It took a lot for me to reach that decision emotionally, and I still tear a little to see it written down in words.  It’s so hard to see all the new styles coming out each season and know that it just isn’t worth it to invest. 😦  I will leave you with a proper farewell- pictures of Erin’s tush covered in gDiapers:

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