Penny for the Potty

It’s been about 3 months since Erin started regressing with the potty.  My “Hands Free” week didn’t help much. 😦  So, in a last effort to get her out of this rut before stripping her bare again, I decided to implement a new reward system I coined, “Penny for the Potty!” Erin is only 27 months old (2 years, 3 months for those that don’t want to count), so I wasn’t sure if she would understand this entire system, but it was worth a shot.  Here are the rules:

1. 2 rolls of pennies were obtained ($1.00 worth) and placed in a clear glass jar next to the bathroom.220px-2010_cent_obverse

2. Erin was told upon wake up that if she keeps here undies dry AND uses the potty, she will get a penny for her pocket.  (She has been into putting things in her pocket lately)- Reward

3. If Erin is caught with wet undies, even a little, she must give a penny from her pocket back to us. – Consequence.

4. To make things more awesome, I decided that if she stays dry all night long, she will get a big quarter (I tell her big quarter just because the size of a quarter is larger than a penny) in the morning.

5. At the end of the day, all coins in her pocket will be emptied into her piggy bank. She gets to count them as they drop in.

Day One: Erin at one point had 5 pennies in her pocket.  But by the end of the day only 2 went into the bank.

Halfway through the week: Erin was doing well and catching on.  She knew the reward system and I had to make sure I had pennies with me when we went out of the house.

By the end of this week: Erin has had some accident free days! She’s even gotten three quarters!  She has even woken a few nights calling for us, “Have penny now! Have penny now!”

I’m enjoying this new system and I think she is too.  Not only is Erin learning rewards, but also consequences for her actions.  She gets to count her pennies too!  Learning these things will be valuable for her in the future.  I just hope that it is the answer to get us out of this regression!

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