My First Sale!

Banner 4I opened a shop on Etsy almost 3 months ago.  Who knew online sales would be so tough!  It really is a lot of work and time – two things that are really limited to me right now, so I do the best I can and know that I will have more time to devote once Erin starts school in a few years. However, my “little inspiration” keeps inspiring me every day to do my best and being creative.  I try to save all my work for when Erin is sleeping.  She deserves the attention and love she needs while I’m around and she is my first priority.  Besides, how could I be inspired by her if I locked myself in a room sewing all day?!?

Anyway, every year, Etsy hosts a site wide “Christmas in July” sale.  It is optional for shops to participate.  This being my first year on Etsy, I’ve decided to give it a try and see how it goes.  My sale starts today and runs until July 21st.  You can click on my Etsy Shop Tab here to see a few of my items for sale or custom order. Or, just go directly to my shop and pick out something you love or would like me to make for you!  All items in my store are 10% off during this time. All orders of $50 or more will be 20% off.  These discounts include all custom orders that are placed during this sale period (July 11-21)!  Check it out and pick out something you love!

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