For Those with Children Under 2

This one is for you.

As a young mom, you always hear about the “terrible two’s”.  The moment your child turns 2, they automatically become terrible.  But, just like the “You’re not going to sleep anymore after that baby is born” statement, the terrible two’s also are left to you with a sense of vagueness.  No one really tells you what they mean by that.  And if they try, there seems to be a lot of details left out.  So much so that it’s really hard for you to picture.  I’m going to attempt to draw that picture for you.

1. I’m always complimented on how well Erin is behaved.  Even as a tiny baby.  I always agreed that I do have it easy.  Now that she’s 2, when I’m complimented on her behavior, I smile and nod.  But what I’m really thinking is, THANK GOD she’s not the same around you!

2. Erin loves books.  She loves to be read to, read to herself (or attempt to), and look at them, for long periods of time, quietly, intently, it’s a joy to have that time of silence in your home.  Oh wait, that was Erin PRIOR to 2! She still loves books, but now when she picks a book to be read for bed time or nap time, she picks the LONGEST book in her shelf. When you try to suggest another one, you are met with complete disagreement. The book she picked MUST be read.

3. It has been fun to see Erin’s language develop.  Those first words are such a relief to your mommy and daddy ears.  Each new word is fun to hear from her too.  UNLESS, you slip up and all of a sudden, your two year old not only knows the word, but knows the meaning AND says it in the most inappropriate places! Seriously, you WILL be embarrassed when your 2 year old yells out “FART!” and laughs in the grocery aisle as someone passes them that just let a small rip.  Or calls your college age babysitter “GRANDMA!” Sorry Lisa Lee!

4. At the age of 2, your child is learning how to have a conversation.  Most 2 year olds can put words together 2, 3 or more to form a sentence.  It’s fun to have a small conversation with them.  But when they are asking “What is that?” ALL DAY LONG EVEN WHEN THEY KNOW WHAT THE OBJECT IS, don’t be surprised you want to jump up and down with joy when they are finally asleep.

5. Two year olds like to assert more independence.  “I do it!” or “Erin do it!” is often heard EVERY 5 MINUTES!  Parents, read carefully: To avoid a meltdown or tantrum, let them do it (within safe reason obviously) even if you know they can’t.  I’ve found that if I let Erin try herself she will often give up and ask for help if my hands are left off and away from the object when she wants to do it herself.

6. Don’t be surprised your 2 year old can perfectly say the word “concentrate” and not “spoon” or “water.” Some kids can even pronounce “flower” perfectly and not “ball.”  Yes, I’m baffled too.

7. Be forewarned, your what was then enthralled toddler that could concentrate on a task for a long time and found joy in helping out during bedtime or other tasks that involve their bodies now suddenly has the attention span of a ferret!

8. When your child is 2, you will discover hiding places in your home you never knew you IMAG0628_BURST002had….that only THEY can fit into….and they have so wedged themselves in that only they can get themselves out.

9. When experienced parents tell you a two year old won’t stop talking.  IT’S THE TRUTH!  From the moment their eyes open in the morning, to the time they shut for a nap or bedtime, that little mouth is moving…CONSTANTLY!

10. Two year olds want to be heard.  When they start saying something, and repeating it, the only way to turn off the repeat button is to repeat it back to them.  I once told Erin we were going to see the doctor.  She got excited and for the next 3 hours, she kept saying “See doctor! See doctor! See doctor? See doctor!” And when the doctor finally walked in the room, she was confused the doctor didn’t have a white coat on, so “see doctor” continued.

11. Stock up on wine, beer, liquor, and chocolate for YOU.  Because once that child is alseep for the night, you’ll NEED it!

There’s more, but I’ll spare you and add to this list later.  🙂

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