Solo Parenting

This past week has been a little difficult. I seriously commend all the single parents out there!  Especially those that are out of work right now.  My wonderful husband got to travel for business these past 5 days.  Normally, it’s a really stressful time for me.  I get anxious and really make an effort to schedule a lot of stuff for Erin and I to do to help the time pass by quicker and keep us busy.  I still end up “losing it” with Erin at least once a day during his business trips.  And now that Erin’s attention span is the size of a pea, and her energy level is 10 times more than the day it was before (apparently this is normal for a 2 year old), I knew that I needed to really mentally prepare myself to “keep calm” this time.  I was thankful a MOPS meeting was scheduled.  That took up Tuesday.  Wednesday we could go to the library (we ended up running errands instead), Monday….Monday was a blur.  I really don’t remember what happened. Oh! We spent the morning at Target because Sunday evening, the coffee pot fell off the counter and broke.  Ping had left that morning.  The moment I heard the glass shatter, my anxiety went through the roof and my heart shattered too.  I cried, cried hard.  I knew that without coffee, I would have an even bigger challenge ahead of me.  I ordered a replacement carafe online (the 4th one in 2 years) and just sulked.  Our Target run, that was mainly to hit up the Starbucks inside.  Ha!

Tuesday, we went to MOPS as usual.  (Got my coffee there) Erin now feels the need to bring BOTH of her loveys EVERYWHERE she goes.  She walked into her MOPPETS room with both loveys in hand (Monkey and “Bo, the hippo”).  When I picked her up 1.5 hours later, she was cradling monkey and immediately said, “Bo go?” I calmly told her to find Bo and then we’d be out of there.  I naively figured Bo was put in a toy box or shoved in a corner.  Today, that was not the case.  All 3 Moppets workers, Erin and I tore up that room looking for Bo.  He was no where to be found.  I checked the bathroom thinking he was brought to the potty and left to fend for himself.  No sign of him.  I began to panic, but kept calm and brushed it off telling others, “We’ll buy a new one.  It’s fine, Bo isn’t her favorite.”  Erin proved me wrong on that one.  It was a nightmare getting out of the parking lot.  Erin knew we were leaving and we couldn’t leave Bo.  This is when I decided to insert a little white lie.  I told Erin, “Bo decided to go on vacation without telling us.  He’ll be gone for a little while and come back.”  (I knew that ordering Bo would take a  week or two to get here because, well, let’s face it, Babies R Us and Toys R us shipping when ordering online is CRAPPY!  Well, I also refuse to pay more for shipping (even expedited) than the cost of the product I’m buying) Bo was apparently sold out or no longer carried in stores.  Erin went down for her nap asking for Bo.  I reminded her he went somewhere and will be back.  I kept scouring the internet for Bo.  Apparently, he goes for up to $35 on eBay.  The thing costs $8 originally! Geez people! I then decided to not trust the internet.  I called all the stores within 10 miles of us, Yes, I was willing to drive to New Jersey if I needed to. I found luck in Long Island City.  The store there had ONE “Bo” and I had them hold it for me. I smiled at Erin and told her, “Do you want to go pick up Bo?”  She excitedly said, “Find Bo!!!”  We drove to the store and when Bo was in her arms, it was love all over again.

I later learned Bo is being discontinued.  I was able to order a back up online.  Bo is back and the second crisis of my week was solved.  My husband comes home tonight and I am THRILLED. I must say, I think I did a good job at keeping my cool with Erin.  I solved a major world problem for a toddler and  my replacement coffee pot arrived last night.  (I’m enjoying my 2nd cup right now)


FYI: apparently, there is a website where you can report your lost loveys and report a found lovey that was lost: Lost My Lovey. Every Parent should have this bookmarked! It’s a pretty interesting site!

1 thought on “Solo Parenting

  1. What a crazy week!!! We never had a lovey but Jocelyn had a pacifier that she couldn’t do without. Two yr olds are challenging. I’m told it gets worse when they become teenagers!

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