Mess Free Monday

I’m back!  Man these past two weeks have been hard!  Erin’s been sick, I’ve been sick, hubby has been sick, in-laws have been in town, birthdays, basketball game, we are all exhausted!  However, it has been a great two weeks.  I really enjoy having my in-laws around.  Erin is really loving her Yi Yi (Mandarin for grandpa) and Ni Ni (Mandarin for grandma).  I just wish she got to see them more than twice a year.

This morning, I decided to try a quiet mess free activity for Erin. I usually like to do the messy ones on bath days and today is a bath day, but I just didn’t have the energy in me. (I really should be napping right now, but I’m relying on my coffee to get me through this post) I found this activity on Pinterest a week or so ago and then my older sister re-pinned it from someone else with my name attached to it, so I had to pull this out.

The blog I read about this activity didn’t really give it a name, so I’m going to call it “mess free window paint.”


1) Ziploc bags of any size.  I used gallon and sandwich size.

2) paint.  I used Erin’s Crayola washable kids paint.

3) Tape

4) Window accessible to your child

First, I took two colors of paint each and poured one in each side of a Ziploc bag on the bottom, then sealed it closed. We have 10 colors, so I used 5 bags with 2 colors each.  I randomly put the colors in.

Second, I used packing tape and taped the bags to our windows.


Third, I let the kid loose with them.

IMAG0764 IMAG0769_BURST002

As you can see, Erin really seemed to enjoy them.  I hung these up at around 9am.  It’s currently 2pm, they are still hanging and paint has yet to dry or clump inside the bags.

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