Toddler Activities Week 2

This week, we’ve gotten some new activities for Erin.  My challenge is to have at least 2 new activities each week.  Her activity box is getting fuller and I’m excited to see these activity supplies just pile up for those rainy days and to just be able to pull something out.

Last week, we made play-doh (it’s still going strong a week later!), and we did finger painting for Valentines day.

This Monday, I pulled out the washable paints by Crayola I found on sale at Target during our special day out last week. I have some paint brushes from the dollar store (they aren’t the best, but the kid doesn’t seem to care) and bought art paper at Target on sale as well.  I used plastic take out lids and put a little of each color on them for her to dip the brushes into.  The Crayola package said to keep the paint away from items that cannot be washed as they can stain them.  We rent our apartment and I was afraid of the kitchen floor staining, so I took a garbage bag and cut it open, laid it on the floor for us to paint on.  I set up while the kid was brushing her teeth and then turned her loose.  This is how it all started:


And this is how it ended up:


There was one tantrum along the way.  She needed to pee and wanted to continue painting while she sat on the potty.  Sorry kid, I let you eat on the potty, but I’m just not comfy with painting on the potty.  She was NOT HAPPY about it. Since this activity is on the “messy list,” I like to have her partake before bath time and preferably plan it to take place on a “bath day.”  Then, I can just set her in the bath tub, strip her and start the water with no extra messes to clean up.

My other planned activity this week is Sensory Balloons. I got this idea from another mom friend.  Each balloon is filled with a different texture: rice, flour, corn starch, sugar, play-doh, dry beans etc.  I’ll post a picture another day this week.  I have the balloons, but realized late last night that I need a funnel to fill them.  So, on our way to the Library today, we will be on the search for a funnel.

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