Confessions of a Sewing Student

sewing machineI didn’t have a post on Friday for good reason…..I was trying to cut fabric for my next project.  Normally, I spend Erin’s nap time (roughly 2 hours) to work on this blog.  It’s my time to myself uninterrupted.  Well, Friday, Nemo decided to ban me from my morning sewing class and leave me indoors with an almost 2 year old.  Talk about torture when you really need the adult conversation!  I decided I’d go ahead an cut my fabric for my next project so I had things ready to go.  I thought, how hard can it be to cut fabric, really.  My instructor had me cut some squares at our last class.  It was pretty much a no-brainer.

So down Erin goes for a nap.  I get my ironing board out, press my fabric, lay it on my cutting mat and stop….suddenly, I feel a sensation choking me.  My breathing starts to crave a brown bag, my heart rate increases, I feel sweat start to form at the palms of my hands.  Measure from the selvedge across the width of the fabric. The words my sewing instructor gave me regarding cutting fabric.  Sounded easy enough…until I go to cut the fabric!  All of a sudden, this short instruction was a bunch of gibberish in my head!

It’s okay, Tricia, break it down, what do the key words mean? I told myself.

Selvedge is the edge with the manufacturing label on it, easy to spot.

Width is the wideness of something.  (length=long edge and width= short edge)

Across: what the heck does across mean!?!  Seriously, this word was stumping me!  Why!?!  It’s a simple word! But what does it mean IN SEWING!?!

I turn to YouTube for a video to properly cut fabric.  I watched about 10, maybe 15 different videos on how to cut fabric. I just kept thinking, I’ve got it, I can do this! And then finding myself searching for another video just to make sure.

Finally, I have enough courage and confidence to make my first cut.

I heard Erin’s voice over the monitor signalling she was done with her nap, I looked at the clock to make sure it really was the right time for her to get up.

Yep. 3 o’clock on the dot.  It took me 2 hours to cut just 2 small pieces for my next project.  Crap!  My mom was right: you can’t do much with sewing when the kids are napping. I take one last look at my tutorial and notice that it calls two parts “strips” and the other 3 “pieces.” What is the difference!?!  CRAP!!!!

And I’m still not 100% sure I made those cuts right!

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