The Hands Free Parent

I came across another Mom’s blog in my news feed on Facebook this morning, and I felt soImage compelled to write about it.  It made me stop and think about the days that I want to escape into my electronic world.  The days I let her watch more YouTube videos of Sesame Street or an extra episode of Dora the Explorer on Demand so I can have a few more minutes to myself.

The days that I spend more time with Erin, interacting with her and simply save the internet for her naps, I feel fulfilled and alive at the end of the day.  I feel sad to see her retire for the night.  I eagerly await for the next day to arrive to relive those treasured moments. Those days also make me feel guilty of the days I desired to be detached from her world.  I’m an introvert.  I need time to myself to recharge.  That’s my excuse.  However, I’m learning that as a stay at home mom, my “recharge time” might need to start looking different.

I love my time with Erin.  I love seeing her grow, develop, learn new things.  I love the fact that she wants me to see her do new things, she enjoys sharing her life and discoveries with me, and that this new thing is so cool to her that I need to discover it too.  It also is bittersweet.  I have glimpses of time when I feel sad that I never got to experience life this way with Rachel.  I missed out on these exciting moments.  But maybe, we will get even more special moments in heaven one day.  Today, I need to focus on my rainbow.

I encourage you to read this mom’s blog:Hands Free Mama.  Think about the time you spend with your children or grandchildren and compare it to how much time you spend on your Kindle, Nook, Computer, or Smartphone: talking, texting, reading, playing games. Can you honestly say you spend more time with your kids than your electronics?

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