Homemade Toddler Activities

This month, I’m challenging myself to have more creative activities for Erin.  I am trying to keep it simple in terms of set up and clean up and cheap as well (we are on a budget!).  Winter has already become “boring” around here, so I need to give my developing toddler some fun, entertaining and time passing activities! Yet again, Pinterest has become my friend in this task.

Last week, I made finger paint with a light colored pudding.  I made an easy quick banana cream pudding (from the box), divided it into 4 different containers and added food coloring to make the pudding more fun.  This is how it turned out:


IMAG0609_BURST002 IMAG0608_BURST005 IMAG0604Erin really enjoyed it.  So much so that whenever I open the fridge to get food out for a meal, she points to the pudding paint in the back asking to use it.  Once she was done, we just dunked her in the bathtub and watch the pudding come off(another fun activity).  I was actually really surprised that she never tried to eat it.  It wasn’t until the end of the project, when she laughed covering her mouth with a pudding covered hand, and then accidentally licking her lips did she realize that this stuff tasted pretty sweet!

This week, we used some of the left over pudding paint to make Valentine’s Day art. I got his idea from a fellow mom.  I only took out the red pudding paint for this task.  During nap time, I grabbed 4 pieces of paper from our printer, and made the word “LOVE” with one letter on each paper out of pieces of masking tape (you can make the “O” into a heart if you like).

After nap, and a few episodes of Dora (our limit is 2), the artist was ready to indulge her crafty side!  I wanted the paper to be as flat as possible so I set them on a cookie sheet on top of her chair.

It took overnight for them to fully dry.  Here is our end product:

IMAG0624 IMAG0623 IMAG0622 IMAG0621 IMAG0635I plan on framing them and hanging them up permanently, but I wanted them hung sooner as I’m sure it will take me a century and a half to actually frame them!

Today, I set the pudding paint aside and used the stove for our next activity.  I found a few recipes online to make homemade playdoh.  This was really neat because I had all the ingredients already!

The recipe is such:

1 Cup Baking Soda

1 1/2 Cups water

1 Cup Corn Starch.

Mix all three ingredients together, heat on a stove under medium heat until thick and then pour onto a plate or wax paper.

IMAG0633 IMAG0634

Do you know what I love most about this recipe?  I can use a bunch of corn starch!  I never use it really when I cook so I always end up having to throw a bunch out once it expires!  I just might really like this playdoh to use up my corn starch and not waste it!

This recipe made A LOT of playdoh.  Before I heated it, I used yellow food coloring to give it color (it would have been white otherwise) Now that I know how much it really makes, next time, I’ll divide it like I did the pudding before I heat it to make more colors.

Here is a picture of our artist at work:


The perfectionist had a tantrum early on because the playdoh wasn't staying where she wanted it to.

The perfectionist had a tantrum early on because the playdoh wasn’t staying where she wanted it to.

After we regrouped

After we regrouped

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