I Just Had to Brag….

I rarely brag about my daughter and her milestones.  I don’t want other moms to read it and feel like their kids are way behind or anything.  (I feel that way when I read about other kids Erin’s age reciting their ABC’s and such.) But I did have to brag about this, because well, I think it’s pretty awesome!  Check out my 21 month old’s mad coloring skills!  (No, I did NOT help her in anyway!)


2 thoughts on “I Just Had to Brag….

  1. I feel as though my daughter is very advanced for her age. And I wouldn’t not share her successes because of other parents. All babies are very different! And unique! Girl, you better brag 🙂 And her coloring skills are awesome! My daughter must have a free spirit or something 🙂 Because her coloring is all over the place! And she turned 3 in Sept. LOL!

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