Winter Running Wednesday

I was commenting on a new runner’s blog about winter running and long distance training.  I shared a link with him regarding Yak Trax.  A type of winter “chain” for your shoes per say.  So you don’t slip on the ice and snow.  My mom got be a pair of Yak Trax Pro a few years ago for my winter running.  They work well, but my footing was still a little unstable on the wired cables.  As I checked out the Yak Trax website today I noticed something new (well, new to me) they now make Yak Trax for runners!!!  YIPPEE!!!  Image

Now for two questions:

1) Can I use this on the bare pavement (it’s NYC law to shovel your sidewalk of snow and ice) as well as snow and ice, or would this wear down the yak trax too much?

2) When will these be in my awesome hands, err, feet?

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