Pick n’ Plop: one of the challenges in organizing

If you’ve been keeping up with my 2013 goals, you know full well that I’ve decided to take on the 52 week organizing challenge from the Organizing Junkie.  I printed the pdf, carefully have been filling in the slots for 52 things to organize this year (I couldn’t finish the list before the end of the year).  I proudly hung this paper on the wall next to our desk so I can easily find it, see it each day and have a good constant reminder of this challenge I would love to tackle.  There’s just one problem.  My husband constantly does what I like to call a “pick n’ plop.”  I will ask him to clean something up (or he’ll have an itch to unclutter an area), and he does a great job at cleaning that area.  I’m proud of him and thank him and endlessly remind him of my appreciation for him.  It isn’t until a few days later, when I pull open a drawer or look in an area I don’t look at much that I find where the contents previously asked to be cleared were just placed only to create more clutter.

Example one: When we converted Erin to a toddler bed- there were CDs sitting on top of the bookshelf.  I asked him to move them.  They are now on the window sill in the living room.

Example two: I pulled open the bottom drawer in our night stand for my Garmin charger. I found the case for his razor and the charging cord. Why is it not in the bathroom like it usually is?

Example three: extra corner shelf that was not hung is now on our dresser (I have yet to find the screws for this shelf). In my husband’s defense, the dresser in our bedroom has become the “dumping grounds” for small items we have yet to find a place for. But where are those screws!?!


disclaimer: this post was published with the permission of my husband.  

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