The Library

I have a love/hate relationship with the library.  First, I’ll point out my loves:

1) free books: Why pay for a new book you will read once or twice and then place on a shelf only to collect dust? A waste of money and a waste of space if you ask me.

2) it’s a quiet place: I have had a librarian give me the “shh!” a few times in my life. The only exception is Toddler Time and other children’s programs.

3) lots of resources: there is a free defensive driving class for senior citizens at my local library.  Sometimes, they offer discounts/free tickets to cool places! Those librarians know a lot!

4) free classes: I mentioned the senior class.  My local library also has after school help every weekday for FREE!

5) free eBooks for my new kindle HD: I was ecstatic when I found this out!  Not all libraries have eBooks on file, so I’m lucky to have this provided for me.

6) free toddler time for daughter: this is AWESOME!  It’s 45 minutes of free entertainment for her and 45 minutes of a break for me.  If we are having a bad day, you can guarantee that we will be at toddler time on Wednesdays and Fridays.

Now, the things I hate about the library:

1) Germs: I swear after every trip to the library, 3 days later, Erin’s nose runs like a faucet.

2) Germs: A mom I met at the library (whose son is also mixed- that’s how we’ve connected), agrees with #1 here, so I had to give her her own line.  Her last visit, she came home with the Flu!  A stay at home mom with the flu and NO back up childcare.  A mother’s worst nightmare!

3) Germs: I swear there is at least 3 kids with a cough, sneeze or runny nose.

4) you have to return those free books: borrow them, so you have a limited time to read them.  Our library doesn’t let you re-check the book out right away. Especially if it’s in high demand. So if you don’t have time to read the whole book before it’s due back in the germ infested building, you better write down what page you left off at, because it may be a while before you can check it out again.

5) you have to return those free eBooks too: you’d think something electronic had unlimited copies, but not here.

6) Germs: It’s a guarantee a kid will sneeze on your child’s art project or into the community can of crayons.

7) I’ll say it one more time, Germs: One of the librarians brings stuffed animals for the IMAG0469kids to play with during toddler time.  Awesome concept. The kids LOVE it.  except she only washes them once a month.  That’s probably enough time for a child infected with the influenza virus to touch the highest demanded toy, and then pretty much every child that rotates through that entire month.  (Assuming that child continues to come to toddler time while they are sick because, what parent doesn’t want those free 45 minutes of freedom?)

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