“Peas” and “Ga Bo”

About a week or so ago, I started working with Erin to be more polite: say “Please” and “Thank you.” She’s really caught on to this novelty.  At 21 months, Erin’s “please” sounds like “peas.” and “thank you” is pronounced “Ga Bo.” Close enough. I’ll take it.  She quickly learned that I’ll give her what she wants if she says, “please.”

Just the other day, Erin was fussing at lunch time.  She ate maybe 3/4 of what I gave her, but was unsatisfied.  I kept asking her what it was she wanted.  She just kept pointing and grunting.  In this house, that gets you nothing.  So I took her out of her chair to clean her up as she was not using her words.  She began whining more.  I told her again, “Erin, tell me what you want.”


“Erin, use your words.”

“Peas.” Was her only reply.

Please what kid!?!  You didn’t tell me what you wanted! I reminded her of this fact in a more gentle tone.

Her eyes, looked right and left as if she was thinking about it, then she replied, “cheese!”

So, she got some cheese.

I’m finding this more common….she uses the polite words, but misses a crucial word: what it is she wants! I’m sure she’ll get there soon enough, but I never thought teaching politeness would be this…..interesting.

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