The Leftovers

Living on one income can be difficult. Especially when you live in one of the most expensive cities in the U.S. So, when I combed over the library options at our last MOPS meeting, I stumbled upon a book titled, 1/2 Price Living by Ellie Kay. The book had a lot of great tips for families who are transitioning from two to one income. It did give me some helpful tips that I hadn’t faithfully used before.

Another source that has helped me, or rather suggested in not so encouraging words, to try to save more is my dear husband. As I purge the moldy peppers and a few other items from the fridge on occasion, his usual spoken line is, “you shouldn’t waste so much food.” On one hand, he’s right, I shouldn’t. On the other, he’s wrong: I’m really not wasting much! His “helpful advice” normally just reminds me to clean the fridge when he’s not home and take the trash out right away so he never notices!

However, 1/2 Price Living did get me on a recent kick: save as much as you can because our one income budget only goes so far….even when it comes to food.

So, what do you do with that left over taco fixings when you don’t want a left over taco? Make omelets! I’ve been doing this for a while and the taco meat gives the omelet a great taste. It’s already seasoned so no pepper required for these eggs. Almost all the other fixings are already standard options in omelets: tomatoes, olives, avacado, onions, green peppers, etc. Trust me, it really does taste good. Just ask my mom, she started doing this after I mentioned it. 🙂

Friday,  I set turkey aside (in the freezer), we didn’t eat it. My toddler refuses to eat the same thing for 3 meals in a row and we offered turkey for lunch already that day. However, I did have some veggies from earlier in the week, so keeping up with our “Friday Night is Pizza Night” theme, I made cucumber, asparagus and black olive pizza.

So how did it turn out, you ask?  The reviews were not too shabby!

What creations do you like to make with your leftovers?

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