Letter to My Daughter

Many people on Facebook suggested I post this letter I wrote to Erin the other day so she can read it someday here.

Dear Erin,

You were asleep by 7:30 last night. You had a perfect day in naps. You were in the perfect setting. Your room was not too hot or too cold. It was nice and dark for you. Your lovies and sound machine provided great comfort. So why the heck did you feel the need to wake multiple times to play? AND why did you decide 5:56am was a great time to wake for the day? Mommy is tired. She wakes when you wake and she can’t go back to sleep as easy as you. Your new skill today to learn should be to make coffee…..good strong coffee for you dear mom to drink all day long. Because you and I both know you are probably going to be either wired with energy today or extremely cranky. Both of which mommy has no energy to handle.


Too bad that she chose the cranky, clingy route for her day. 😦

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