A Great Tragedy

A few weeks ago, I read a blog pointing out an often learned lesson for moms: always have at least 3 of the same “loveys” on hand. That way, if your child loses their current one, you have an identical replacement on hand.

That same week, I read the same discussion on a parenting forum. The girls talked about what their child’s lovey was and how they have at least a few on hand for when that day strikes. One girl, her son’s lovey is a small plastic cow that comes with a farm set. In order to have extra cows on hand, she has to buy a few sets! She has.

Erin has 2 loveys. I introduced them to her when we took her bumpers off her crib around 7 months.  Erin snuggled up to her bumpers and stroked it when she would fall asleep. I thought a lovey would be good for her to have in place of her bumper.

While at BabiesRus, I was on the phone with my older sister explaining what my plan was.  There were quite a few loveys to choose from. I narrowed it down to two: a pink monkey and a purple hippo. I had my sister ask her kids which one to get for their cousin. Sam (7), said purple hippo. Sophia (4), said pink monkey. It was BOGO 50% off so I ended up buying both.

She took to purple hippo right away and pink monkey was left in the dumps. Then, just this past week, something changed.  All of a sudden, Erin wanted pink monkey…and not just in the crib, she wanted her to be with her everywhere she was! I kind of feel bad for purple hippo. I find him either tossed from the crib or stuffed in the corner or left alone on the opposite side of the crib.  Tonight, we went to a friend’s house for dinner, we took pink monkey with us.  She’s always so giddy to have pink monkey by her side.  Dinner was lovely and Erin had fun too! As we packed up and headed home. I gave Erin pink monkey in her car seat. She was giddy. It was late and past Erin’s bed time. Ping decided to drop us off in front of our building so I could take Erin straight up and get her ready for bed. I took pink monkey and as I was placing him on the seat next to her, he slipped and fell right into the  gutter!!! It was so close I could reach in and grab it and seriously contemplated doing so. Ping said, “forget it.” So I reluctantly took Erin and left. I started to shed a tear for ping monkey. I still can picture her lying there in the gutter, helpless, yet so close enough to reach in and grab her. I calmly told Erin I was really sorry and that pink monkey now gone. She looked at me with sad eyes as if she understood what I said. I got her ready for bed and ordered 2 pink monkeys online for store pickup. Maybe I was wrong not to fish pink monkey from the gutter? I could always run her through the wash. I kind of regret not rescuing her. I’ll shed a tear tonight for her. Hopefully Erin will be stronger than I am.

Would you fish your child’s lovey out of the gutter or trash if it was right there within reach?

6 thoughts on “A Great Tragedy

    • Toss up. Depends on what’s in the trash/gutter. I would say with a cloth lovey, leave it and always have an extra on hand. Even if you retrieve lovey and are able to wash it, there could be a protest while the lovey is in the wash. Back up, back up, and back up the lovey. Glad ya’ll were able to get new lovey’s.

  1. So sad and sweet at the same time! Joyelle’s “Monkey” is far beyond loved and totally irreplacible and so worn from love that I’d fish him out of a toilet if necessary! (And then sterilize him and myself a hundred times). We did the back-up lovey thing but the kids always found about about them. Now we have Monkey, Brother Monkey, Baby Monkey, Baby Sister Monkey, and Tiny Baby Monkey… and no more back-ups. My nephew’s lovie is called Blue Bear. When he had to be washed, he was introduced to Blue Bear II. Now he insists on having both Blue Bears. If you get back-ups, never let on that you have them! =)

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    • Daniele,
      Thank you for your comment! I know i haven’t written a new post in a long time. I would have ideas, and then they would just leave me before I could get them down. I’m about to write a new one and your comment helped me remember why I started this blog in the first place. Thank you!

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