The Truth About Brown Eggs

I remember being told when I was little that the difference between white and brown eggs was that brown ones had a higher amount of cholesterol in them.  Thus, they weren’t as healthy for you as white eggs.  I grew up with white eggs. Our ducks laid white eggs, my childhood friend’s chickens, laid white and brown eggs.  I always wondered if brown eggs tasted differently.  With a little research from the help of Google, I discovered that there really is no nutritional difference between white and brown eggs and they taste the same. Yet, I continued to choose the white eggs because, well, brown eggs, just kind of scared me.  <shrug> Then, I decided to try buying more organic fruits, veggies, and dairy items….including eggs.  To my surprise, I have yet to find organic, cage free, eggs that are white.  Brown eggs are good! They don’t taste any different, and honestly, I feel like I’m buying fresher eggs when I buy brown ones. (Again, insert <shrug>)  So, a last minute decision to color and dye eggs for my little baby was made oh, about a few days ago.  Last night, I dyed them….here’s another truth about brown eggs….

They don’t dye well.

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