It’s amazing to see how our babies grow and develop.  Especially in terms of mobility.  It feels like only yesterday, I could set Erin in her bouncer, take a shower, do dishes, vacuum, fold laundry, etc. without worrying she would fall out of it or go somewhere.  Erin started rolling over at 5 months, but never really used it as a mode of transportation..She just did it in her crib.  When she started scooting around 6 1/2 months, I still could leave to take a quick bathroom break and expect her to not have gotten into anything yet.  Crawling challenged me, as she got faster and faster, my days of getting little things done here and there were quickly slipping away.  It has always been fun to see Erin cruise and pull up on things, but it just meant we needed to find a new place for things higher up. This week, Erin has started walking.  She’s picking it up pretty quickly and it’s so amazing to see, but I now know, that my days of leaving her in the room alone for even a split second are completely gone now.

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