Spring is here!

Not only have Erin and I spent almost every day for the past two weeks at the park in this gorgeous weather, but gDiapers has released their new spring line!!  I’m so excited about these colors!

There’s Groovy Grape:

Gooseberry Gray:

And the Limited Edition “Good Lovin'”:

I shared a link on my Facebook page the other day when I received the notice that “Good Lovin'” was released for a limited time.  I even sent an email to my hubby and my mom.  My hubby gave me orders not to spend money on it.  😦  He seriously needs to get on the wagon with my gDiapers addiction!!  I was so sad Erin’s bum won’t be sporting these new colors this spring because of him…..or will she??

I have found two sites doing giveaways for this new gPant!

The first one is by Amber Brewster.  The title of her blog is 3, 2, 1, Go!  She loves gDiapers too!  So much so that she is doing a giveaway!  Just click on the 3, 2, 1, Go! link to read more!  I am definitely doing everything I can to get as many entries as possible! (psst….Erin wears a size Large!)

The second blogger doing a gDiaper giveaway is Pardon My Poppet.  Another gDiaper mom who is as excited as I am about gDiaper’s new spring line!

Gosh, when will it be my turn to do a gDiaper giveaway???

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