Trouble on the Playground

Look at this face:

The weather has been nice here in NYC the past week.  It’s given Erin and I the opportunity to play at the park and get out of our apartment.  The plus side to this for mom: it’s a change of scenery and 45 minutes feels like 5.  The plus side for Erin: leafs….they’re yummy; the nuts and bolts on the playground equipment are nice and shiny (it’s new!); there is more room to walk around, although those leaves leave her planted in one spot pretty much.  And the kids!  There’s kids to play with! Well… that Erin wants to play with.  However, there’s a problem…the kids run away when Erin approaches them!  She does all she knows/can to be nice: smiles, gentle touch on the shoulder, but it just leaves the other kids running!  I feel so sad for her!  I mean, look at this face:

How can you NOT want to play with her, kids!?!  Yes, she doesn’t say hi yet, she doesn’t walk on her own yet, doesn’t speak Korean, Mandarin, or Cantonese (Or whatever Asian language you speak), Spanish, or any other non-English speaking language you speak, but I don’t think any of that really matters!

Sure, Erin will try to sample your delicious Goldfish and Gatorade, but she just wants to teach you how to share.  That ball you brought with you, Erin would love to get her hands on that too.  That bright colored bag on your stroller, she just wants to know what you brought with you to make sure the playground stays safe.  After all, it is NYC.  So look again, kids:

How can you NOT want to play with this face!?!

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