Pee in the….


A few weeks ago, I posted about a valuable lesson my Mom was wrong about: babies always pee in the bathtub. Well, I’m here to ask all you experienced moms out there for advice on this situation. You see, for the last week, every time Erin has gotten a bath, she has decided that its more fun to hold her pee and wait until she’s standing in her bedroom to relieve her bladder. This results in one frustrated mom! Picking up her child, racing back to the bathtub to catch dad from draining all the water so we can rinse her off. I swear she does it on purpose. Going back in the bath tub results in a huge smile, and a few minutes of play time while mom mops up the mess next to the crib. How can we eliminate this problem? For those two minutes that she is stark naked while I dry her off and put lotion on her, she manages to negate the swift effort I put into getting her in a diaper. Oh, and yesterday, she took a two hour nap….not one drop of pee until she woke up! That was after she had a good few drinks of water right before she went down. I swear, my kid is developing a bladder of steel.

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