It’s Gone!

After much debate, I decided to do it….get Erin’s hair cut.  Her locks were so nice and long…but the mullet needed to go.  I, personally, am VERY picky when it comes to getting my hair cut, I felt that Erin deserved the same.  The last thing I wanted was for her to come out of a salon with her head shaved or an ear missing.  I even feared it would be traumatic for her. I wanted the experience to be as fun as possible for her.  I spent some time scouring the internet to find a place I would be comfortable leaving the first locks of my child’s hair. I was very surprised to find that there are absolutely no children’s hair salons in Queens.  The closest I found were Manhattan and Long Island.  The distance of the two were a toss up.  I needed to figure out if I was going to make a big deal out of it or just go, get it done, and go back home.  I looked at a few pictures of each salon online…the Manhattan one looked much more exciting! They even advertised what your child experiences for their 1st haircut.  I decided to call and ask a few questions: 1) cost, and 2) minimum age requirement.  (Keep in mind, my family doesn’t do 1st haircuts until about 2 years old or more, so bringing a 10 month old into a salon for a new do is completely foreign)

Now, I know full well I was going to be over paying for this experience.  I didn’t care….I wanted it to be fun for her.  The answer when I called up Cozy Cuts on Madison Avenue: $29.99.  Okay, at least it’s half of what I pay for my hair.  That’s fine. (yes, again, I know this is probably overpaying) They also have no minimum age requirement.  Babies are welcome! So Cozy Cuts it is….apparently, celebrities bring their kids there too.  So, what does $30 get you at Cozy Cuts?  I was told they get to pick out a toy, a balloon, sit in a cool car chair, get to pick out and watch a video while getting their hair done too.  (Sorry, Erin, no Veggie Tales) They also give you some of her locks and a certificate for the first haircut.  Okay…I booked it.  I chose yesterday because the weather called for 70 degrees!!!  Perfect to spend the day in Manhattan!!

Wednesday, I spent some time mapping out our subway route, our plans for the day and if any “snaffoo’s” arise.  I had bought an infant carrier from Infantino when Erin was 2 months old specifically to use when we head on the subway into the city.  It was great…you can wear it 3 ways…facing in, facing out (on the front), and then on the back.  I tested it out with Erin and at almost 11 months old, she now HATES it!! So sad, we had so much fun in that thing!  She loved being at my eye level! I needed to find an umbrella stroller (our BOB is way too big for the Subway).  I was lucky enough to have a friend lend me her MacLaren for the day.  It was really nice!  Lightweight, basket underneath, clips to keep toys attached to the stroller.  I was a little bummed to reach this point in motherhood though.  I always vowed to myself I would never be one of THOSE moms that had to ask some innocent bystander to help her carry her kid in a stroller up and down the subway stairs.  For those of you that don’t know, not all of NYC’s subway stations are disablilty accessible (meaning they don’t have doors, elevators, ramps, etc. to accommodate the mobility impaired.) For some reason, I forgot to look up the stations we were using to see if they were “stroller worthy.”  I went to bed Wednesday  night praying the day would go well.  Erin, seemed to have other plans:

6:00am: “Da da da da ….ha ha ha…clap, clap….ba ba ba ba…ha ha ha….de de de de…clap, clap.”  Ugh….Erin is up an hour early.  While she happily entertains herself in her room, I dragged myself in the shower still half awake….my thoughts….”coffee…I really need coffee…”

7:00am: up and out of the crib, gulp down a bottle, brew some joe, and watch a little Sesame Street.

8:00am: breakfast!!!  Peach Yogurt and Cheerios, with banana!!!  Yummy!!  Mom: I feel sick…I made the coffee too strong and have an empty stomach…I down 2 slices of wheat bread with Nutella.

9:30am: we are packed up and headed out for our day in the city… Erin loved the stroller from the start.  She had her “purple hippo” lovey attached at her side, her little phone rattle held in another hand. We reach the elevator at the Main St. station and head down…That thing is SLLLOOOOWWWWW and SCARRRYYY!!!! I was really praying we wouldn’t get stuck in there! Now, I had never used the “special entry” door at the platform before so I did read the directions: 1. notify attendant to use the door. 2. swipe card at turn-style as attendant watches you. 3. open door and enter platform.  Simple enough.  I follow step one…walk to the door, then get confused…I see two turn-styles to swipe at….and for some stupid reason, I stand there for a second looking like a “dumb blonde.”  Somehow, the door ended up opening (I think someone exited from it) and I just wheeled through.  I figured, if they thought I didn’t pay (which I really didn’t), they would come get me.  I sure looked dumb enough to pass for not knowing what I was doing. Erin and I got on a train and rode happily out of the station.  She sat on my lap for a bit, looking out the window.  She was really calm!

First transfer: Grand Central Station to the uptown 6 train.  Whew, an elevator…but only to the Mezzanine!?!  Not to the 4, 5, 6 trains!?!  Another mom informed me there would be another elevator on the Mezzanine level for me to take down to the 6 train.  Okay, good.

We get off at the 86th street station…no elevator…okay plan B: take Erin out of the stroller, fold it up and carry it all up the stairs.  Just as I was about to unhook her, a kind gentlemen offered to carry her in the stroller for me.  So nice!!

As we enter Cozy Cuts, I was surprised to see how small the salon actually was!  Maybe 3 or 4 chairs?  The shelves were lined with so many toys (many princess/pink toys!).  I took Erin out of the stroller and she immediately was unlike herself.  Instead of being glued to me, she wanted DOWN!  She crawled right over to the shelves and started pulling everything off of them.  The workers were very nice about it.  I was embarrassed.

Erin was then escorted to the back of the salon and she got to sit in a red Ferrari!

She liked it for about 5 minutes until the stylist finished spraying water on her hair.  Then, it was all about Mommy. The stylist put a booster seat in another chair and Erin was given a toy to play with.  This was much more her style. A pop up toy in a big girl chair was a good distraction!!

Here are some other photos of the cutting process:





Next, it was time to make her look pretty!!! They stylist chose a barrette for her to wear, and fluffed her back a little with the moose.Here’s a photo of the back of her hair:


Now, Erin was a happy girl afterward:

We were off to meet a friend in Union Square for lunch!  One more accidental jump of the turn-style, gentlemen carrying Erin down the stairs, Erin feasting on my turkey sandwich instead of her own chicken and green beans, and we were back on the subway home….dazed, pooped out and napping.  What. A. Day. Oh, and that toy she got (small stuffed Elmo), we lost is before we even left the salon. Oh well!

1 thought on “It’s Gone!

  1. Excellent report and beautiful pics! Love the barrette! Better than T’s first haircut. Screamed the entire time. My one good shot was of him walking out the door.

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