Decisions, Decisions, Decisions…

Traditionally, babies in my family are born without hair.  In fact, not a strand is expected to be seen until about 2 years of age.  So, imagine my shock and surprise the day before Erin was born when I heard the ultrasound tech say, “Look at all that hair!” during the LS amnio.  I always thought babies born with hair looked ugly.  (just my opinion, don’t judge!) But when Erin was born, that perspective changed.  I couldn’t stop petting her hair.  It was so soft and cute! Here is a picture of her as a newborn:

Don’t you love all that hair!!!

So, most of us know that at a few months of life, our newborn hair is supposed to fall out and then new hair will grow back in. In the Asian tradition, the parents will shave the baby’s head by this point so all the hair grows back in evenly.  It’s also supposed to make it thick. I refused to let my baby’s wonderful hair be demolished like that! Well, Erin’s never really fell out.  But she wasn’t born with every hair on her head either.  So at around 3 months, Erin started getting more hair.  It was nice to know my child wasn’t going to always have a receding hairline. But now…everything has gotten…well…longer. Now, we are faced with the dilemma of this:

Yep.  A mullet. Ugh….I’m sure many of my childhood friends are very familiar with the mullet.  It is THE style in Kitsap County (where I grew up).  But, we live in NYC now.  This isn’t mullet country, it’s chic country. NYC sets the trend in style!  Erin has to be a trend setter, and present herself as a material girl.  Because after all, Daddy makes the money so Erin and I can spend it! 😀  Okay, you all know that isn’t Erin up there, so here is a picture of Erin now:

Front view:

What a cute little monkey!!!

Side View:

You can kind of see what I’m talking about..but everything still looks good from this angle.

Back view (Sorry for the blur…it’s really hard to get a good picture of her from behind when she knows you have the camera in hand):See!?! There! Right there, you can see the dilemma! You can see a good view of the LONG newborn hair and just under it the newer hair that’s been growing in for a while now.

My dilemma is specifically this:

Do I cut off that newborn hair and make her back hair all even, or do I keep it there and let God handle it all?

I’m afraid if I cut it, a) I’ll regret it afterward and b) the front won’t look good either since it’s long there too.  You just can’t tell since it all blends well. I know Erin won’t care either way….but I know I will!

Here’s my question again in geographical terms: Do I keep her “Kitsap County” genes around or make her more “NYC chic?”

3 thoughts on “Decisions, Decisions, Decisions…

  1. Tricia, I haven’t seen a mullet in Kitsap County since you left!! Since you’re in NYC and she, ust be the trendsetter how about a childrens stylist sortimg it out. I’m sure there must be one there:-)

  2. Have her get her first hair cut. If you want her to rock the mullet, move here to Columbia County… the county where men and women wear and share the style at Wal-mart! I bet her first hair cut will be adorable.

  3. I wish you had posted front both sides and back views of her as a new born! I am a realistic doll artist and I just love that newborn shot@

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